Faculty Details

NameDr.S.Lavanya Prabha
cvil hod
DesignationProfessor & Head
E-Mail Idhod.civil@srmeaswari.ac.in
Area of specializationSTRUCTURAL ENGINEERING
Intercom Number3030
AboutDr.S.Lavanya Prabha,Head of the Department of Civil Engineering holds M.E. and Ph.D. in Structural Engineering. – Ultra high performance concrete, concrete composites, High Performance Concrete and Fibre – Reinforced Concrete are her areas of interest. She has 25 years teaching experience, 5 years research experience and 2 years in Industries. She has Publications in 22 International journals and 8 National journals and she has presented 15 papers in International & National Conferences and has been a resource person for 3 lectures.

Her most significant contribution is that she published a patent 1-2734/CHE/2014 dt. 04/06/2014 for the project SPAASH BRICKS. Development of Nano-Concrete using fumed silica and copper slag funded by DRDO-RIC – 28.62 lakhs –ongoing [ERIP/ER/RIC/2016/04/M/01/1642]. Recipient of “Women Engineering Award”, awarded by The Institution of Engineers IE(I) for the year 2019.

1Dr.S.Lavanya Prabha.Professor & HeadB.E., M.E., Ph.DStructural Engineering
2Dr.S.VirapanProfessorB.E, M.E., Ph.DEnvironmental Engineering
3Dr. GopalakrishnanProfessorB.E, M.E., Ph.DStructural Engineering
4Mrs.M.JothilakshmiAsso.ProfB.E., M.E., Environmental Engineering
5Mrs.L.Chandra kanthammaAsso.ProfB.E., M.EHydraulics
6Mrs.S. KavithaAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Advanced Construction Technology
7Mrs.G.PrabhaAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.EStructural Engineering
8Mrs.M.AmalaAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.EStructural Engineering
9Mr.A.ArunrajAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.EStructural Engineering
10Mr.R.Dinesh KumarAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.TechStructural Engineering
11Mr.J.AjithAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.EStructural Engineering
12Mr.Lenin DhalAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.EConstruction Engineering and Management
13Mr.K.S.Dhaya chandhranAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Environmental Engineering
14Mr.A.MohanAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Structural Engineering
15Mrs.K.SrividhyaAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Geo Matics
16Mrs.M.SanthiyaAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Structural Engineering
17Mr.K.K.YashwanthAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Structural Engineering
18Ms.Chippy mol jamesAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Structural Engineering
19Mrs. V. VidyapriyaAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., (Ph.D) GeoInformatics
20Mr. M. S. DeepakAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., (Ph.D)Structural Engineering
21Mrs. K.G AkshayaAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., (Ph.D)GeoInformatics
22Mrs. R.SheejaAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., (Ph.D)Structural Engineering
23Mr. B. GowthamAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Environmental Engineering
24Mr. V.GokulAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Construction Engineering & Management
25Mrs. R.B.KarthikaAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Structural Engineering
26Mrs. G.SalaiAmuthavalliAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)B.E., M.E., Structural Engineering
SL.NOName of the faculty memberQualificationDesignationArea Of Specialization
1Dr.M.NeelamegamB.E., M.E .,Ph.DProfessorStructural Engineering
3Mrs.V.Saravana KarthikaB.E. M.E.Asst. Prof.Structural Engineering
2Mr.M.SurendarB.Tech., M.EAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr)Structural Engineering
SL.NOName of the faculty memberQualificationDesignationArea Of Specialization
1Mr.A.MohanB.E., M.E., Asst. Prof. (Or.Gr)Structural Engineering
2Mr.S.ParamaguruB.E. M.E.Asst. Prof. (Or.Gr)Construction Engineering and Management
3Mr.S.KotteswaranB.E. M.E.Asst. Prof. (Or.Gr)Structural Engineering